XGEOMATICS C2000 equipped with the SUPERX2 flight control system is a low-altitude industrial quadcopter UAV developed by XAG. It was a purposely designed UAV for fully autonomous flight operation and collects high-definition mapping information. With the use of lithium battery and XBMS battery management system, the average flight time for the C2000 is extended to around 40mins, mapping up to 130 hectares in a single flight.
C2000, with changeable camera modules, is capable of collecting topography, landform, high-definition geographical information, altimetric data and multispectral images.
  • Autonomous Flight
  • High-precision Data Acquisition
  • Multi-tasking Platform
  • Long Flight Duration
Autonomous Flight and Easy to Operate
Equipped with SUPERX2 Flight control system, C2000 flight and operation are fully autonomous. It requires no runway for taking off and landing, and it can be operated in any complex terrain at any time without the needs of professional.
RTK Positioning and Precision Data Acquisition
Integration of RTK Precision allows C2000 to achieve precision centimeter navigation, enabling the collection of high-definition images automatically. Subverting traditional GPS surveying allows surveying without the needs of Ground Control Point (GCP), and achieve leading scale accuracy 1:300 in comparisons to the industry standard of 1:500.
Encrypted Cloud Computing, Safe & Efficient
Large-Scale cloud encrypted computing provides each and all users an independent encrypted channel, able to process and generate DOM, DSM, and Aerial Triangulation, and accelerate the generation of Digital Raster Graphic (DRG) and Digital Line Graph (DLG). Each task processes up to 33 hectares per hour and the option of multi-tasking on the cloud platform greatly increase the efficiency of geographic data processing.
Internal AIData Processing
Internal AI Data Processing assists its user by providing a cost-effective and efficient solution. Flight data are uploaded and processed by the cloud autonomously by a single click, automatically processing the data into Spatial data, identify field boundaries and different terrains. Removing the needs of any professional, reducing the needs for technical processing and greatly reducing the operation cost.
Real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning is a satellite navigation technique used to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based positioning systems (global navigation satellite systems, GNSS) such as GPS, C2000 integrated with GNSS RTK provides accurate coordinates for the images taken, surveying without the needs of Ground Control Point (GCP), subverting traditional surveying and mapping operations AND anti-magnetic interference ability. With anti-magnetic interference ability, it allows C2000 to keep a steady flight even in complex geomagnetic environments such as Mining area, and high-voltage power line.
Easy to Operate
A2 Pilot Phone, controlling device allows the operators to perform all the task, selecting the survey area, generating flight route and flight monitoring. P-Series Crop Protection UAS user can download the processed high-definition orthophotograph map and generate flight route to assist precision spraying.
Extra-long Duration
With the use of lithium battery and XAG Battery Management System (XBMS), the average flight time for the C2000 is extended to around 40mins, mapping up to 130 hectares (GSD = 5cm) in a single flight. Development of XBMS by XAG was to increase the battery efficiency significantly and maximizing the operation lifespan with self-balancing function and self-heating functions to operate in the low-temperature environment to ensure stable flight.
Structural Design, Stable and SAFE
C2000 Horizontal battery loading structure and modular design allow easy assembly and disassembly. Fixed triangular structural and built-in Antenna design strengthens the UAV structural integrity while permitting safe and quick data transfer. Multiple redundancy systems designed to ensure safe flight and stable operation.