P20 Plant Protection UAS
Enhanced Capabilities, A Legend
XAG P20 Agricultural UAS inherits the excellent performance from its previous generation, optimised and further enhanced through commercial agricultural operations over 3 million hectares and 50 types of crops. As a stable, fully autonomous Agricultural UAS for precision spraying, P20 has longer endurance and better topographic adaptability.
3 Million+ Hectares
Commercially operated over 3 Million Hectares
50+ Types of Crops
Spraying tested on 50 different of crops
20+ Countries
U.S,AU,Japan,South Korea etc
Airframe Design
Stronger Endurance Simpler Maintenance
Composed by carbon fibre and aluminium alloy, P20 has strong structural integrity and endurance. 90% modularised, particularly easy to maintain. Extra protection on crucial components, makes P 20 more durable and suitable for agricultural operation.
Flight Control System
Auto Obstacle Avoidance and Fault Prediction
XAG UAS supports XCOPE Visual obstacle avoidance system. When unmarked obstacles (radius ≥ 5cm) are detected during the flight, P20 will automatically avoid the obstacles, even at night.

Flight logs can be transferred real-time with New Data-Link System and analysed by the AI engine for possible malfunction, notifications will be sent to users to remind them of appropriate actions.
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance
Safe Night Operation
Intelligent Fault Prediction
Radar Terrain Tracing and Optic Positioning
Millimeter-wave radar can accurately trace terrain fluctuation up to 30 meters above the ground at all kinds of terrain. This ensures that P20 can fly stably at set relative altitude above the perceived terrain type. 40° coning-angle terrain-tracing keeps variation≤10cm. When GNSS RTK or GPS is interfered, optic positioning module will be activated automatically to reassure flight safety, even at nights
40° Wide Angel Sensing
30m Terrain Tracing
Positioning Assistance
Cloud RTK, Full Access to Carrier Networks
Support Cloud RTK Flight Mode. The new navigation system allows precision agricultural operations without RTK base station set-ups. Mobile communication module implements stable network communication nationwide.
Cloud RTK
Full Access to All Carrier Network
Flight Mode
Autonomous Flying Easy to Learn
Autonomous flying, easy to learn and operate. P20 can be operated without laying hands on a manual controller; Supports swarm operation with one pilot operating multiple UASs, significantly improves operational efficiency. Infrared sensors allow night operations, making the most use of time during busy farming seasons.
Autonomous Flight
Swarm Operation
Night Operation
Intelligent Control Precise and Flexible
The latest intelligent remote control mode allows the spray to pause and resume without missing a spot. The intelligent A to B mode and semi-automatic route planning make sure P20 can work perfectly in irregular shape of fields.
Segmented Memorizing
Intelligent A to B Mode
Remote Control System
2 NDGen A2 PilotPhone
A2 is a smartphone type UAS controller customised for plant protection with long lasting battery and IP67 rated protection. It is easy to plan flight route via the built-in operation Apps. The improved communication module has increased 30% of transmission range, making sure a stable & reliable telecommunication.
Comm Range +30%
IP67 Rated Protection
Comm Range +30%
IP67 Rated Protection
ARC1 Manual Remote Controller
Designed for XAG Agricultural UASs, ARC1 is light and portable, dust and water proof, which has voice notifications. Its intelligent A to B mode and SAPM(Spray Area Pixel Memory)function minimise overlapping or miss spraying.
Purposely build for Agriculture
Voice Broadcasting
Power System
Subvert TRADITIONAL Multi-Charging
XAG Battery Management System (XBMS) optimises batteries’ safety and stability, while the new charging system lowers the price and maintenance cost of batteries.
Power Bank
High cost effectiveness, charge two batteries at a time. Replaces in-field electric generator, reducing operational cost.
Power Ranger
Charging hub for four batteries Cooling conductively without internal fans Suitable for harsh outdoor environment
Power Express
Merging the remaining energy of the batteries Multiple power sources, light & portable.
Spray System
Precise and Intelligent Dynamic Spraying
The newly redesigned high-speed atomising nozzles provide IP67 rated protection, lasts longer and easy to maintain ; Wider range for atomised droplets (85μm - 140μm); Richer volume (0 - 15000mL/ha); The nozzle can instantaneously start and stop; Thermal sensing technology provides support data for thermal sensitive chemicals; Using AI prescriptions to help finding best spraying solution for different pest and weed problems.
IP67 Rating Protection
Instantaneous Start and Stop Nozzle
Thermal Sensing
AI Prescription
Internal Sensing Environment-Friendly
The 2 nd Gen Chemical Refiller, equipped with an internal battery, light in weight, distances operators from harmful chemicals. Chemical refilling is accurately calculated based on the route planning, which minimises chemical waste and pollution.
Intelligent Liquid Tank, accurate and reliable, can automatically sense chemical density, temperature, and volume. With its information updated uninterruptedly during flight, the Liquid Tank allows the aircraft to adjust chemical output to different flying speed, preventing environmental pollution caused by chemical overdose.
Environment Friendly
Separating Operator and Chemicals
Density Sensing
Volume Sensing
Temperature Sensing
Management System
Remote Monitoring Operation Management
Visualised Management Platform, easily allows operators and authorities to access and monitor. It supports functions such as virtual fencing, no-fly-zone setting, and remote aircraft-locking, which improves airspace safety and meets the demand of national security. Real-time monitoring plant protection area and process, as well as the distribution of operation teams and equipments; Comprehensively tracking equipment information and maintenance records.
Flight Monitoring
Virtual Fencing
Operation Summary
Traceable Management