Intelligent Farming Makes Future Sustainable
XAI is a data sharing platform built by XAG for global agriculture 3.0 era. XAI connects with all the intelligent devices of XAG, delivering thorough agriculture information service. Combining agricultural production with intelligent technologies, we aim to revive the rural area and create greater value for farmlands.

Rental Platform

The platform provides rental service to all XAG Agricultural UAS users, circulates idle devices to maximum usage efficiency and asset value.

Device owners and lessees can both submit requests, the rental platform will provide management, supervision and third party guarantee.

By achieving efficient device circulation, the platform allows more agriculture professionals to benefit from high quality services provided by XAG.

  • Sharing Scheme
  • Device Evaluation
  • Third Party Guarantee

Farming Service Platform

Serves as a third party guarantee platform, provides request posting and management services.

Reduces the cost of operations and risk of payment defaults for users.

Provides operation progress supervision service for farmers, increases service transparency and reduce producing risk.

  • Request Posting
  • Request Management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Real Name Authentication

Agriculture AI Engine

AI application based on WeChat API.

The engine is able to identify images and texts related to agriculture for users, and provide related information.

Identify and record pest information on different plants, collect and process data accordingly and generate customized farmland disease records.

  • Agri-pedia
  • Pest and Weed Identification
  • Farmland Data Collection
  • Farmland Disease Record