XAG Agricultural Drone
Pro in every flight
New design of a foldable quadcopter,
with upgraded power system,
brings 50 kg payload.
The finer XAG RevoSpray and RevoCast,
allow efficiency break through once again.
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Max. Flow Rate
P100 Pro with RevoSpray 3   22 L/min
P100 with RevoSpray 2   12 L/min
Overall Crop Protection Efficiency
Open Field|
Actual performance depends on real-life conditions
Max. Granular Spread Rates3
P100 Pro with RevoCast 3 150 kg/min
P100 with RevoCast 2 80 kg/min
Overall Spreading Efficiency
Fertilizing |
Actual performance depends on real-life conditions
80 L container, 50 L smart tank
50 kg payload,
yet easy to load and transport.
XAG P100 Pro
Big enough.
Propeller upgraded to 55 inches, with
more powerful motors, the payload
reaches to unprecedented 50 kg.
XAG P100 Pro
And small enough.
The folded size is close to 62%
smaller, easier to load and transport.
Learn more about the structural design
XAG RevoSpray 3
Upgraded dual peristaltic pump,
with 22 L/min flow rate and 50 L large tank capacity.
Deliver spraying to the fullest even at high speed.
With the rotary nozzles, it's up to you to select large droplets for drift prevention and fast
spraying, or small and delicate droplets for precision spraying.
  • Max. Flow Rate
    22 L/min
  • Droplet Size Range
    60-400 μm
  • Spray Width6
    5-10 m
  • More Durable Peristaltic Pump
    3 x higher (compared with P100)
  • Wheat Disease and Pest Control
    Dosage|30 L/ha Flight speed|13.8 m/s Efficiency|19 ha/h7
  • Rice Weeding
    Dosage|12 L/ha Flight speed|13.8 m/s Efficiency|28 ha/h8
  • Citrus Disease and Pest Control
    Dosage|150 L/ha Flight speed|2.5 m/s Efficiency|2 ha/h9
  • Mango Disease and Pest Control
    Dosage|300 L/ha Flight speed|3.5 m/s Efficiency|1.8 ha/h10
Learn more about the XAG Intelligent Rotary
Atomization Spraying System
XAG RevoCast 3
Spread a bag
of fertilizer
in just 20
Upgraded intelligent spiral feeder,
spread out a full container of fertilizer
in just 20 seconds11.
Larger dual-side feeding port enables
simultaneous feeding on both sides,
saving time and effort.
High speed operation supports larger dosage
Compared to the XAG P100 with RevoCast 2
  • Max. Spread Rate13
    150 kg/min
  • Max. Flight Speed
    13.8 m/s
  • Spreading Width14
    3-7 m
  • Adaptable Granule Size
    1-6 mm
What else besides efficient?
If there is re-sowing and omission when spreading, the crop is prone to late maturing and malnutrition, resulting in higher management cost and lower yields.
How to balance efficiency and precision?
We address this issue through 3 aspects:
Vertical spread from the air
Vertical centrifugal spreading discs provide fast vertically downward acceleration, strong wind resistant. Spread width precisely adjusts according to the flight height, blanket spreading without misses or overlaps.
Variable-rate application
Intelligent screw feeder automatically adjusts the discharge speed according to the flight speed, spreading is more uniform.
Real-time volume sensing
Intelligent container adopts non-contact volume sensor to detect level of remaining granules in real time. Resistant to corrosion and adhesion, more precise and reliable. Screw feeder idling and misses are prevented.
Don't worry, they all pour smoothly!
Learn more about how RevoCast 3 is
adaptable to different fertilizers.
XAG RealTerra 2
Need farmland and orchard mapping?
Take it easy.
  • Preset mapping parameters on
    App to take off
  • Fast surveying 13 hectares15 in
    single flight, generate maps
    without internet
  • Automatic 3D route planning
    for hard-to-access mountains
    and orchards
Analysis algorithm fully optimized for higher definition digital maps. Grasp field details at a glance to plan with ease.
· Before
· After
Other alternative waypoint mapping methods
XAG One App
Only a smartphone needed for
fully autonomous farmwork.
Intelligent Route Planning
Generate optimal routes based on the pattern of plots. Return automatically
when battery or granule is low, and resume flight with optimized route.
Swarm Control16
Simultaneous operations by two drones are allowed in fully autonomous mode.
Flexible Obstacle Avoidance at High Speeds
Field obstacle avoidance mode supports up to 13.8 m/s flight speed, operational
safety is guaranteed.
Virtual RTK Positioning
When working without internet or RTK signals, use virtual RTK positioning based
on the drone's location. Manual offset correction ensures precision.
compatible Android 、iOS
Industry-leading fully autonomous flight
Seize the farming seasonday and night.
(ARC3 Pro)
XAG Agricultural Remote Controller 3 Pro
Designed for agricultural operations.
Compact and durable.
Under advanced auxiliary operation mode, route always stays straight. Variable-rate spraying adjusts with speed automatically, one-tap to turn when changing the route.
Beginner friendly!
Drone Operation
Without Internet Access
Take flight as you wish under internet denied circumstance*.
XAG RC Networking Mode uses ACS2 Handheld Control Stick or ARC3 Pro Remote Controller to host local Wi-Fi network.
*XAG RC Networking Mode is applicable to ACS2 Handheld Control Stick and ARC3 Pro Remote Controller. Positioning accuracy might be affected while working without internet. Please pay attention to surroundings during drone operation, and take control to avoid accident if positional deviation occurred.
Available Functions when Activated:
  • Flight route planning
  • Support virtual RTK
  • Support XAG Portable
    RTK Base Station
  • Review operation report
Highly efficient,
but safety first.
Upgraded 4D imaging radar
More sensitive and responsive in detecting the surrounding environment. Bypass obstacles is not a problem in maximum flight speed, efficiency and safety are both ensured.
Detection range
m 17
Max. relative speed of obstacle avoidance
Learn more about other safety details
Rolling farmland? Don't worry!
The terrain-adaptive radar supports automatic terrain
tracking from 0.5 to 100 meters. Always maintain a
constant relative height with the crop canopy.
Lost RTK signal? Enough time to respond.
Advanced inertial navigation system based on RTK
positioning, combined with downward optical flow module,
allows high-precision navigation to last for another 10
minutes if signal was lost.
Unexpected situation? Take over immediately.
Take over the drone in autonomous flight using the remote
controller. Tap to hover or return to avoid potential risks.
Drone out of sight? See what happens.
Dual Pilot-Sight-Livestream (PSL) cameras to keep track of
the farmland condition in time.
Complex take-off environment? Set up safe points.
Set proper access routes based on field condition, adjust
safe points and guide points on the XAG One app to ensure
safe take-off/landing.
Power System
Water cooling power solution.
Efficient heat dissipation is the key to continuous operation of agricultural drones in hot weather. XAG power system
adopts the water-cooling charging technology to effectively dissipate heat, one battery can be fully charged in
11 minutes 18. With four batteries and two charges, P100 Pro can work at full capacity.
B13960s Smart SuperCharge Battery
CM13600 Charger
GC4000+ Auto SuperCharge Station
962 Wh large capacity
11 min fully charged in water cooling tank
XBS Intelligent Battery Management System,
self-balancing of battery cell
Heat-resistant material with a built-in
tempreture sensor
Weigh only 4.2 kg, compact
and portable
3400 W rated power, 11
min SuperCharge 19
Variable frequency generator with ultra-low fuel
consumption of 0.6 L/KWh
A 15 L full tank of petrol can charge 25 batteries
at maximum
Small and lightweight, 31.5 kg in net weight
Learn more about the secret of
water-cooling charging
Agricultural drones in operation would be at a high discharge rate
and lead to rising battery temperature. This would affect charging
speed especially in hot weather. Solving the battery cooling issue
during charging can effectively improve efficiency.
The cooling efficiency of water is several times larger than that of
air for dissipating heat, thereby water cooling is far more efficient
than air cooling. Using water, which is readily available in the field,
as a cooling method is both economical and efficient. Different scenarios require different operating parameters, and the efficiency values are greatly influenced by the parameters.
- Overall efficiency data for spraying:
19 ha/h is for normal large-volume spraying (such as wheat pest control), its P100 Pro operating parameters are 30 L/ha dosage, 9 m flight route spacing, 13.8 m/s flight speed, 50 kg full load.
28 ha/h is for paddy weed control, its P100 Pro operating parameters are 12 L/ha dosage, 10 m flight route spacing, 13.8 m/s flight speed, 50 L full load.
2 ha/h is for medium-volume spraying in orchard (such as citrus), its P100 Pro operating parameters are 150 L/ha, 3.5 m flight route spacing, 2.5 m/s flight speed, 50 kg full load.
1.8 ha/h is for large-volume spraying in orchard (such as mango), its P100 Pro operating parameters are 300 L/ha,3.5 m of flight route spacing, 3.5 m/s flight speed, 50 L full load.
- Overall efficiency data for spreading:
1300 kg/h is for urea spreading in rice field,its P100 Pro operating parameters are 375 kg/ha dosage, 7 m flight route spacing, 9.5 m/s flight speed, 50 kg full load.
30 ha/h is for crawfish feeding, its P100 Pro operating parameters are 30 kg/ha dosage, 12 m flight route spacing, 13.8m/s flight speed, 50 kg full load.
* Efficiency data above are actual measurements, which include buffer time for loading, takeoff and landing, entering and exiting routes, and transferring to operation fields. The data are affected by the actual operating environment and parameters, for reference only. The data of practical operations depends on actual situations. All parameters and data related to this product are results of standard laboratory tests. The specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use the product in strict accordance with the official user manual and product guidelines. Spreading test particulate matter are all urea.
15. This data is measured in Plain Mode, flying at 8.5 m/s, and in a textured scene. The exact time it takes to produce a picture depends on the actual situation. It is possible that a subsequent firmware update may result in a difference in the time taken.
16. Swarm control is not supported under XAG RCN mode.
17. The effectiveness of the obstacle sensing & avoidance system depends on obstacles' material, position, shape, size, etc.
18. 19. Laboratory research shows that, under general operating conditions, the GC4000+ Auto SuperCharge Station can fully charge a B13960S Battery within 11 minutes from 30% to 95%. The specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use strictly in accordance with the official product guidelines.
Plug and play. Double security hasps and tri-proof plug allow for quick change of the payload systems.
Foldable and secure design, easier to transport.
Multiple stress relief points on the arms, maximize shock absorption and reduce maintenance cost.
IPX6K rating protection. Wash the entire machine after use to reduce the risk of corrosion and extend the service life.
The peristaltic pump rapidly compresses
the tube, extracting the liquid from the
tank and sending it to the high-speed
rotating centrifugal nozzles, where the
liquid is dispersed into small and uniform
mist droplets.
Independently adjustable flow rate and
particle size result in accurate variable
Accurate residual volume detection technology is the foundation of precise spraying. XAG's new generation smart tank upgrades with a non-contact liquid level sensor, which detects the level of residule liquid in real-time, anti pesticide corrosion.
4 types of screw feeder for different granules, from rapeseed, rice seed, urea to compound fertilizer.
Remove and wash the screw feeders after use to avoid caked fertilizer and prolong its service life.
When a possible clogging occurs, the screw feeder motor will run at full speed to crush the clumped fertilizer and achieve smooth spreading.
Reinforced with stainless steel material, more durable and reduce the risk of clogging.
Manual Operation
Take ACS Handheld Control Stick with
RTK module, get into the fields and set
waypoints with one button.
Flight Remote Controller
Operate your agricultural drone, observe
the onboard camera and set waypoints
Remote Sensing Drone
Use XAG Remote Sensing Drone to
generate HD field maps and place
waypoints directly.
Learn more about the structural design
Learn more about the XAG Intelligent Rotary
Atomization Spraying System
Learn more about how RevoCast 3 is
adaptable to different fertilizers.
Other alternative waypoint mapping methods
Learn more about other safety details
Learn more about the secret of
water-cooling charging