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Documents and Manuals
  • P100 User Manual-V1.0 EN 2022-11-04 download
  • (3WWDZ-15.2A) V40 User Manual-V1.2 EN 2022-07-04 download
  • V40 User Manual-V1.7 EN 2022-11-17 download
  • P40 User Manual-V1.4 EN 2022-11-17 download
  • M500 User Manual-V1.0 EN 2022-05-25 download
  • APC1 AutoPilot Console User Manual-V1.1 EN 2022-05-25 download
  • R150 Guide - V1.0 EN 2021-07-15 download
  • XP2020 User Guide - V1.1 EN 2021-07-15 download
  • P30 2020 Quick Start Guide-V1.2 EN 2021-07-15 download
  • P20 2020 Quick Start Guide-V1.1 EN 2021-07-15 download
  • XMISSION Multi-functional Unmanned Aerial System Quick Start Guide-V1.0 EN 2021-07-15 download
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicle IO Module User Manual-V1.0 EN 2021-07-30 download
Frequently Asked Questions
  • • What does it mean when the app says "Unable to take off (reserved)?"
    It indicates that the drone has detected insufficient flight conditions:
    1. It may be due to a bad environment. It is recommended to check whether the UAV's positioning systemhas entered RTK mode prior to takeoff, and then perform the self-check test on the motor system.
    2. If the UAV still cannot take off after passing the self-check, it is recommended to change the take-offpoint, restart the drone and the companion app, and upload the route again.
  • • Why does the XMission indicate camera missing or SD card missing?
    1. Check whether the firmware version is updated to the latest version, then restart the APP and the XMission.
    2. Gently wipe the socket with a soft rubber eraser and replace with another camera or SD card (the XMission is a highly integrated device, so you MUST power it off before attempting to change the parts. Keeping the machine on while swapping parts is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, as it will lead to severe damages to the PCB).
    3. Clean up the camera's cache and restart the XMission and its app.
    (If you still cannot solve the problem after trying the above steps, please return the equipment to the factory for inspection and repair.)
  • • Why can't the activation code be scanned so that I can activate my device?
    Try logging in to the following URL and manually enter the code to activate your product:!/main
    (If you still cannot activate the device, please provide the account, password and the picture containing the QR code to the dealer or XAG's staff, who will then assist you.)
  • • Why is my battery locked? I need help unlock it.
    Batteries can be unlocked remotely, but the following conditions must be met:
    1. Make sure that the battery is charged fully or to a sufficient amount.
    2. Place the battery on top of the drone.
    3. Make sure the drone is connected to the Internet (the "cloud" logo on the top of the app turns blue, indicating that the drone is online. However, since some countries and regions do not support cloud communications, drones used wherein cannot connect to the Internet and cannot be remotely unlocked).
    4. When the above conditions are met, please send the serial number of the battery to XAG staff requesting an unlock over-the-air.
  • • What are the recommended settings for spraying height, speed, and droplet size, and spray width?
    We recommend a spraying height of 2-3m (optimal 2.5m), a spraying speed of 5-7m/s, a droplet size of 110 microns, and a width of 4m.
  • • Why can't the motor of the spray drone rotate, and it feels a lot of resistance trying to manually rotate it?
    1. It may be that the three-phase wire terminal of the ESC bottom board is short-circuited, and the three-phase wire terminal needs to be expanded normally. You can use a tool to increase the distance between the three terminals during installation.
    2. It may be the problem of the motor or the connecting wire. Check whether the related circuit of the motor is connected normally. You can exchange it with another motor accessory and cross-check.
  • • Why does the R150 App show "Please release the single-hand controller. (Error code 65543)
    Long press the square button on the middle of ACS2 to unlock (to ensure safety, this lock is always in place every time the R150 connects to the ACS2, and then after each operation/plant treatment using the app, it will be automatically locked again after about 10 minutes of inactivity. This is considered normal.)